Rwandan City Roast


One of my favorites! And a great story: In the 14 years since the genocide, when 800,000 people died during three months of violence, this country has become perhaps the world’s leading example of how empowering women can fundamentally transform post-conflict economies and fight the cycle of poverty. That is particularly clear in Maraba, a southern village where a host of women — largely relegated to backbreaking field work in the days before the genocide — found unwanted opportunity in the fertile lands they would inherit from slaughtered husbands, fathers and brothers.

As both female and male survivors sought to rebuild coffee plantations with financial and technical assistance from international organizations, Maraba’s women, most trying their hands at the business of farming for the first time, were by far the faster students. They showed more willingness than men, officials here said, to embrace new techniques aimed at improving quality and profit. Now, Maraba’s female farmers are outdoing their male counterparts in both, numbering about half of all farmers in the village’s coffee cooperative but producing 90 percent of its finest quality beans for export.

The cup has classic East African character with a bright, firm, lively character. It has amazing floral notes and a sweet taste and is 100% traditional Bourbon Arabica!

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