Mexican Dark Roast

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Our most popular coffee! This Pluma is an Oaxacan coffee, grown in southern Mexico. It’s grown at an altitude of about 4000 feet (1.2 km), which is happy-land for coffee beans. It’s evenly-shaped and ‘civilized’ in appearance. The darker roasting of these beans is something to be thoughtfully savored. Take your time when sipping a cup of Pluma, and see how it speaks to you. It’s a pleasant, sweet bean that warrants a second cup, and then a third. We will not speak of the fourth cup, at least not aloud. I will hold your total consumption secret if you will hold mine.

This coffee is a light-bodied coffee with neutral acidity, snappy, earthy undertones and a distinctive dry after-taste. Sweet and smooth as a feather but a confident, almost aggressive feather.

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