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Hot Beverages
Turtle MochaChocolate and Carmel goodness!$8.00$7.50
MochaJust Chocolatey goodness here$7.50$7.00
Café BreveLike a latte, but made with 1/2 & 1/2$7.50$7.00
LattéEspresso and steamed milk, with a dollop of froth$7.00$6.50
CappuccinoEspresso with 1/2 steamed milk, 1/2 froth$7.00$6.50
Red EyeWhen you really, really need to wake up - espresso submerged in brewed coffee $6.50$6.00
Café Au Lait1/2 brewed coffee and 1/2 steamed milk$6.50$6.00
EspressoStraight up! One shot or two...or as many as you like for 50 cents each$4.25$3.75
AmericanoThis is just our fine Italian Espresso and water...delicious$6.50$6.00
Brew of the DayThere's always plenty of City Roast or Dark Roast waiting for you$3.75$3.25
Chai LattéMade with Tea Source chai spice, and sweetened condensed milk. it's the bomb!$7.00$6.50
SteamerSteamed milk with your choice of a flavor shot$6.50$6.00
Hot ChocolateWhip cream on that?$6.50$6.00
Tea Source TeaLocal tea guru Bill Waddington puts together all of these wonderful blendsAny size!$4.00
Bottomless Brew of the DayKeep those refills coming!$4.00
Extra shot of espresso or flavor shot$0.50
Sub soy or oat milk$1.00
Cold Beverages
SmoothiesMade with real frozen fruit, apple juice, and a little bit of smoothie base - mmmmm!Choose from Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Pineapple or Mixed Fruit - or have any of the above coffee drinks blended with ice!$8.75
Iced MochaIced version of the wonderful, chocolatey mocha$7.50
Iced LattéExpresso, ice and milk$7.00
Cold PressCold brewed coffee, it takes 24 hours to make - so smooth, so delicious, so caffinated!$6.50
Cold Press LatteThis is cold press made with milk instead of water$7.00
Iced ChaiOur fabulous chai, just over ice instead of steamed$7.00
Iced Tea (Bottomless)Our iced tea made with Tea Source's Empire Keemun tea - the one that started the opium wars$4.00
Other Yummy Beverages
YerbamateChoose from several flavors$4.25
Bottled SodasChoose from a variety$3.25
Topo ChicoYour favorite fizzy water$3.25
Bottled juiceMott's Apple Juice$1.35
Can of popCoke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Diet Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper or Canada Dry Soda$1.50
Bottled water$1.25
Good Morning! Breakfast
Breakfast BurritoEgg, cheddar cheese, tomato and onion wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled. Served with sour cream and our home made salsa$10.00
Breakfast Burrito DeluxeTake our basic Breakfast Burrito, but then add grilled green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, avocado and jalapenos$12.50
Add your choice of sausage, bacon, ham, turkey or chicken for just$3.00
Egg O'MuffinEgg and your choice of cheese all melty on an english muffin. Tomato and onion, if you like$8.00
Egg O'Muffin DeluxeDeluxe it with mushrooms, green peppers, spinach, avocado and jalapenos$10.50
Add your choice of sausage, bacon, ham, turkey or chicken for just$3.00
Bagel w/Cream Cheese or HummusYour choice of Plain bagel or Everything bagel with plain cream cheese$5.25
Add all those yummy deluxe veggies (mushrooms, green peppers, spinach and avocado) for just$2.50
Toast or English MuffinSourdough, Whole Wheat, Multigrain or Marble Rye toast, or toasted english muffin$3.00
OatmealGood old Quaker Oatmeal, served with brown sugar and cream$5.00
Add raisins for just$1.00
Sweets and Treats
Yogurt ParfaitVanilla yogurt with real fruit and crunchy granola$4.75
Brownies or BarsChoose from our wide variety of locally made brownies or bars. Nothing comes here's all fresh!$4.30
Pastry or MuffinMade by local artisan bakers, these treats are yummy and fresh!$3.30
Gluten Free OptionsAbove mentioned local artisan bakers supply us with these outstanding gluten-free cardboard here!$4.30
Rice Krispie BarMade in house, every day. Sometimes twice a day!$4.30
DonutLocally sourced, fresh cake and raised donuts.$1.65
Chips & SalsaGolden triangle corn chips served with our home made salsa$8.00
NachosSame crispy tortilla chips smothered in melted cheddar and veggies, with a side of our fabulous home made salsa$11.95
Homemade Hummus & PitaWell, we don't make our own pita. But we do make the hummus, and we serve it up with a variety of veggies - fabulous!$11.95
QuesadillaLarge flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, onions and tomatoes, then grilled to melty yumminess!$10.00
Chicken QuesadillaSame delicious tortilla, but we've added grilled cubed chicken!$13.00
SaladsAll of our salads are made with the freshest ingredients and served with your choice of dressings, including house-made Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Vinegrette, Caesar, or French
Chef SaladMixed greens, sliced cheddar and swiss cheese, fresh tomatoes, red onions, ham, turkey, hard-boiled egg and croutons$15.25
Spinach SaladFresh spinach with mushrooms, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg and croutons$11.25
Mediterranean SaladMixed greens, fresh tomatoes, red onion and cucumber, black olives, pepperoncini and feta$11.25
Caesar SaladFresh romaine with black olives, feta and croutons$11.25
Garden SaladCucumbers, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, sliced red onions and croutons on a bed of fresh mixed greens$11.25
Chicken Taco SaladGrilled cubed chicken on a bed of mixed greens, topped with tomatoes, black olives and shredded cheddar. Served with taco chips, sour cream and home made salsa.$14.25
Baby Garden SaladA smaller portion of the garden salad$6.50
Add grilled chicken to any of the above salads$3.00
SoupHome made soups and chili every day!
Soup of the day: 16oz bowl$7.50
Soup of the day: 12oz cup$5.25
Deli SandwichesAll deli sandwiches are made to order with your choice of bread, meat and cheese and served with kettle chips and a crispy kosher pickle
ClubThree slices of bread, layered with turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar and swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo$15.50
Chicken SaladWe make our own chicken salad to order!$13.00
Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef or Egg SaladEgg Salad is made to order$13.00
Bacon Lettuce & TomatoServed with your choice of bread, toasted, with fresh leaf lettuce, juicy roma tomatoes and crispy bacon$13.00
Cheese & VeggieYour choice of bread and cheese, and made extra yummy with mushrooms, green peppers, spinach and avacado$10.00
WrapsYour choice of ham, turkey, roast beef, tuna salad, egg salad, or chicken salad wrapped in a flour tortilla with mayo or one of our home made dressings$13.00
P.B.&J.Crunch? Creamy? Strawberry? Grape?$8.00
1/2 SandwichAny deli sandwich except for the Club$7.00
Substitute a Baby Garden Salad or a cup of soup
for chips
Grilled SandwichesAll grilled sandwiches are made to order with your choice of bread, meat and cheese. Grilled to melty perfection and served with fresh kettle chips and a crispy kosher pickle spear
Ham & Turkey MeltHam, Turkey and cheese on your choice of bread, with your choice of cheese, and the option for pickles, onion and tomato for no extra charge. Deluxe it for only $1 more!$14.50
Choice of Meat & CheeseHam, Turkey or Roast Beef$13.00
Black Bean BurgerOur home made black bean burger, made with black beans, mushrooms and green peppers, then seasoned with cumin and ginger. Served on a hamburger bun or your choice of bread$13.00
Grilled CheeseChoice of bread and cheese$10.00
with Bacon & Tomato$13.00
Grilled Cheese DeluxeYour choice of bread and cheese, as well as your choice of any or all of the deluxy veggies$12.50
Two Dog BasketTwo hefty all-beef hot dogs with your choice of toppings, served on a bun, just like at the ball park!$13.00
Ala Carte DogJust a half-order of the above$7.15
Substitute a Baby Garden Salad or a cup of soup
for chips